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Kundalini Yoga and the Chakras

This informative course will provide an overview of the chakra system (energy centre points), as it refers to the practicality of everyday living. You will gain understanding of chakras one to seven and specific exercises to stimulate and balance these chakras. Each day will review certain chakras with supplementary handouts followed by exercises, postures and breathing techniques. The teachings will enable you to merge your understanding of body’s energy centres with a yoga practice, creating harmony in the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Take this opportunity to complete a chakra assessment and learn more about the aura, human bio-field. This weekend workshop will bring you better awareness of self and provide techniques for assisting others as an instructor, healer or health practitioner. All levels are welcome to join!

Guest Presenter, healer and instructor: Deirdre Leighton:

Kundalini Instructor

Lisa Steels

Integrative Chakra Instructor & Energetic Healer

Deirdre Leighton


Saturday, September 23rd: 12:00 – 5:00 pm Sunday, September 24th: 12:00 – 5:00 pm


Meadowsweet Welness, 100 Deer Park Avenue (on the Platzl), Kimberley, BC


$149.00/day OR $279 Full weekend Includes: teachings, practice techniques, handouts, chakra assessment and one-on-one support.